Your Guides

The cyclist who will accompany and guide you during your tours will be people with an experience in cycling of several years in their background. From ex Professional riders to cyclist with a great experience in amateur races and tours all around Italy and more.

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Leonardo Olmi

He has been travelling all around the world as a Professional photojournalist for more then 15 years, specialized in travel, sport and diving (see . Since 2008 he started to practice cycling participating to more then 300 amateur races and Granfondo all around Italy, divided by road, mountainbike and time-trial. He has been Italian Press Cycling Champion for several years: 8 times on Road3 times on Mountainbike7 times on TimeTrial3 victories in CoupleTT and 6 victories in the Granfondo Press CupOne 2nd place (Greece 2016) and two 3rd places (Belgium 2018 and Denmark 2021) at Road World Press Cycling Champion (WPCC). 1st place at Media World Cup Champion (MWC) in Poland 2019, on both Mtb and Road Races. He is actually the publisher and Editor in Chief of a cycling web magazine

Francesco Casagrande

The most famous of the three Casagrande brothers, Professional cyclist for 14 years (1992-2005) with 53 victories on his shoulders, including the 2nd place at the Giro d’Italia of 2000 (wearing for 11 days the pink jersey), 6th to the 1997 Tour de France and 4th to the 1999 road World Championship. After a stop of three years, he started again his cycling career but on a Mountainbike, where again he stepped on the first step of the podium for more then 30 victories. On request and with a few time in advance, Francesco will be available to guide you on your tours, both on road or mtb, including some lessons with technical tips on how to ride your bike.

Depending from time and period of the year Leonardo and Francesco might have other professional guides helping them or take their place, still offering an high level of tours.

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