Eroica double date in spring


After the extraordinary success of the second edition, Eroica Primavera is about to be renewed and will split into two events. On 30 April the Nova Eroica will be launched in Buonconvento, and on the following Sunday, 7 May, we’ll have Eroica Montalcino. While we wait for all the information on both events to be published on the respective websites, here is a preview of what awaits. 


Eroica Buonconvento

The aim of Eroica Nova in Buonconvento is to re-open our movement to modern bikes while staying on the L’Eroica permanent route. Some stretches of the route will be timed but the regulations will give precedence to team spirit and conviviality. Between the competitive sections, the pace will be set by a group of ex-professional cyclists, who will ensure that the speed is such as to allow participants to appreciate the incomparable scenery and the food stops.


Eroica Montalcino, on the other hand, will follow the classic, orthodox Eroica format: pre-1987 bikes, no competition, unless with yourself, some alternative stretches of white roads that are not on the permanent route, with food stops located in very special settings. This impressive area, which enjoys world fame and prestige, thanks to its remarkable history and celebrated wine, will also host a music and culture festival, involving many local entrepreneurs.

A Press Conference to present Nova Eroica will be held in the Teatro dei Risorti in Buonconvento at 5 p.m. on Friday 16 December. 

Buonconvento (SI), 14 novembre 2016

Ufficio Stampa Livio Iacovella e Angela Towey Tel. +39/335.79.31.616 – +39/329.6370009 Fax +39/


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